Berry Bees

52 x 11 minutes animated spy missions

33% savvy spy smarty-pantsing, 33% LOL hilarity, 34% buzz-kicking action, 100% KFTW (Kids For The Win) entertainment. Berry Bees is a high-energy, hilarious, buzz-kicking show all about ‘girls in action’.  Specifically three girls known as the Berry Bees: seemingly ordinary school-age children, who have been selected by the B.I.A (Bee Intelligence Agency) for those special spy missions in which only child agents can be used.

Enter Bobby, Lola, and Juliette (a.k.a the Berry Bees). Normal kids it seems – or at least until the world’s top secret spy villains unleash their mayhem, and the B.I.A summons our heroines into action. Whenever adult agents are too old to find a way, our kid spies are summoned to save the day.